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The first international publication to arrive in Sri Lanka, Domus was founded in 1928 by architect Gio Ponti in Italy. Today it has expanded its presence to China, Russia, India, Central America, Mexico, Germany and
Sri Lanka and has earned repute as ‘the international point of reference for architecture, design and urbanism. Domus Sri Lanka is published under license from Editoriale Domus in Italy who oversees and approves the content and all aspects related to the magazine. The Magazine delves into the world of architecture and design where design approaches, distinctive elements and latest advancements in the field are brought to the reader’s attention. It provides a wealth of knowledge in particular for architects, designers, students and professionals.

Domus Sri Lanka Cover

JULY 15 - AUGUST 15, 2017 Issue

Domus, from its inception focuses on featuring unique concepts to its readers. Throughout the journey, the projects of many contemporary and traditional designs inspired by many talented architects are focused to present a diverse collection.

The projects in this issue of Domus, features two significant projects – a residence and a holiday villa by Sri Lankan architects Rajiv Senanayake and Bernard Gomez respectively.

Confetti focuses on an office interior by architect Tilak Samarawickrema, who explores the ‘open concept’ in an office interior, with the use of bold hues that allow one to work in a peaceful and pleasant environment. He infuses the heritage with contemporary designs.

Rajiv Senanayake, who has designed a residence in Rosmead Place, a highly residential area, has created a home that eases the residents’ transition from a compact apartment to a private house.

Bernand Gomez’s holiday villa is completed on a challenging yet very charming environment. The concepts of comfortable yet secluded hospitality all emerge in this design, which is a structure defined by the landscape.

The Special section, features ‘Designing Fashion’, which is solely based on the connection between clothing and body. ‘Ornament Is Not a Crime’ focuses on the decoration, mannerism, styling, assemblage and entertainment by renowned international brands such as Gucci, Valentino, Prada, De Vincenzo. ‘Sneakers: Total Victory’ reveals its importance and innovation to sportswear. Evolving with the latest trends, discover the ‘know how’ origin of sneakers.

Feedback features Cinnamon Gardens, the landscape and buildings for which it is renowned. From Colombo Town Hall to the iconic National Archives building. Cinnamon Gardens is a place that is renowned for its highly residential status and exclusivity.


JULY 15 - AUGUST 15, 2017

Table of Contents

Cover: House in Rosmead Place by
architect Rajiv Senanayake – sketch
of First Floor Garden (right), for natural

Author Designer   Title
BT Options
A mix of ideas
Nicola Di Battista
Domus Italy
By way of conclusion
Keshini de Silva
Tilak Samarawickrema
Reinterpretation: solving monotony through design
Yomal Senarath-Yapa
Bernard Gomez
The Weir House, Ulapane
Rajiv Senanayake
House in Rosmead Place
Maria Luisa Frisa
Designing fashion
Angelo Flaccavento
Ornament is not a crime
Michele Boroni
Sneakers: total victory
Yomal Senarath-Yapa
Cinnamon Gardens