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The first international publication to arrive in Sri Lanka, Domus was founded in 1928 by architect Gio Ponti in Italy. Today it has expanded its presence to China, Russia, India, Central America, Mexico, Germany and
Sri Lanka and has earned repute as ‘the international point of reference for architecture, design and urbanism. Domus Sri Lanka is published under license from Editoriale Domus in Italy who oversees and approves the content and all aspects related to the magazine. The Magazine delves into the world of architecture and design where design approaches, distinctive elements and latest advancements in the field are brought to the reader’s attention. It provides a wealth of knowledge in particular for architects, designers, students and professionals.

Domus Sri Lanka Cover

MARCH 15 - APRIL 15, 2017 Issue

The Projects section this month features Fairway Hotel, Colombo, a city hotel constructed amidst the colonial precincts of Colombo Fort. While the exterior of the hotel strives to blend with the colonial architecture of the surroundings, the interior provides a unique personality to the hotel through bursts of colour, paintings by Anoma Wijewardena and new-age interpretations of the area’s identity as a maritime hub during the British Empire.

Le Cube, office of Connaissance De Ceylan, is a building that has overcome the challenge of limited space. Despite being a modern design of geometry and glass, its interior is suffused with local colour, decorated with vibrant Sri Lankan traditional crafts.

Also featured is the Sofitel Tamuda Bay Hotel in Morocco, a combination of the French art of living and Morocco’s artistic heritage. Built by Galal Mahmoud, the hotel is truly contemporary in design, catering to the traveller of today.

In Confetti is featured Madhavi Desai, architect and professor of architecture, author of the recent 'Women Architects and Modernism in India: Narratives and Contemporary Practices'. She discusses the contribution of women architects to the design industry and the struggle for equality within the industry.

Amongst the other international articles, we have included in this issue is the Design Museum in London, which has been redefined and renovated to offer the historic city of England a contemporary piece.

Also featured is the beautiful Pirelli factory, where the story of the Italian enterprise has been showcased through 100 pictures. The exhibition depicts the company’s industrial culture, meticulousness in manufacturing products of excellence, and how it fosters relationships between the people of the factory.

There is a piece written by Carlo Contin, titled “If I Read I Forget, If I Look, I Remember, If I Do I Understand”, about a self-taught designer who transformed his family business along with his passion to explore new directions.

In Feedback, we explore the aesthetic influence of Dambulla, which culminates at the Dambulla Rock Temple. The caves have been occupied since the ancient Anuradhapura period while the arts and statues on display have been included from this ancient era all the way up to the Kandyan phase.


MARCH 15 - APRIL 15, 2017

Table of Contents

Cover: a drawing (right) of the
façade of Fairway Hotel, Colombo
designed by architect Mohan Silva.

Author Designer   Title
BT Options
Constant Learning
Nicola Di Battista
Domus Italy
On Awareness
Antonio Calabro
The Beautiful Factory
Jennifer Paldano Goonewardane
Madhavi Desai
Women Architects and Modernism in India: Narratives and Contemporary Practices
Mohan Silva
Fairway Hotel Colombo
Romesh Fonseca
Le Cube, Colombo
Galal Mahmoud &
GM Architects
Sofitel Tamuda Bay, Morocco
John Pawson
The Design Museum, London
Carlo Contin
If I Read I Forget, If I Look I Remember, If I Do I Understand
Keshini de Silva
Dambulla Rock Temple