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The first international publication to arrive in Sri Lanka, Domus was founded in 1928 by architect Gio Ponti in Italy. Today it has expanded its presence to China, Russia, India, Central America, Mexico, Germany and
Sri Lanka and has earned repute as ‘the international point of reference for architecture, design and urbanism. Domus Sri Lanka is published under license from Editoriale Domus in Italy who oversees and approves the content and all aspects related to the magazine. The Magazine delves into the world of architecture and design where design approaches, distinctive elements and latest advancements in the field are brought to the reader’s attention. It provides a wealth of knowledge in particular for architects, designers, students and professionals.

Domus Sri Lanka Cover

DECEMBER 15 - JANUARY 15 2017 Issue

The December- January issue is wholly dedicated to Tilak Samarawickrema, architect, artist, interior designer, graphic designer and animator. The collection of articles follows him from Sri Lanka to Italy and back again, tracing the journey of this ‘artistic rebel’, who uses traditional and cultural stimuli to create futuristic work.

His work in architecture, art, interior design, graphic design and even animations are pioneering concepts that have steered Sri Lanka in a path that moves away from the traditional and vernacular.

During his childhood in Sri Lanka Tilak was immersed in the rich cultural traditions of the country, but his formative years as an artist and an architect were spent in Italy. Having inherited both cultures, he has created in Sri Lanka a pioneering and diverse art and architectural movement; one that veers from the antique and the vernacular. Though clearly influenced by ancient Sinhalese art, the Milanese Memphis Group and German Bauhaus movement, his body of work is a manifestation of the goal, “To do something different.”

Each field Samarawickrema has delved into is distinctive and different. From line drawings inspired by the Sinhalese alphabet, to tapestries that draw from Sri Lankan motifs and 
colour, to crafts influenced by the daring of the artistic movements of the 1970s and 1980s as well as a minimalist and compact artistic approach; no one piece is similar.

Consequently, Samarawickrema’s design identity is diversity. His artistry, even today, refuses to conform to the status quo and to his own design legacy. Throughout the years, Samarawickrema’s body of work has further expanded with the technological advancements of the present. Prime examples are his line drawings being adapted into wire sculptures and the reimagining of his tapestries through animations.

By passing down his knowledge and abstract thinking to students and craftsmen, Tilak Samarawickrema has singlehandedly created a unique Sri Lankan design movement that has showcased the skill of our country to the world.



Table of Contents

Cover: 'Maha Bamba Kolama,
Maha Saman Devale Ratnapura'
(right), a line drawing by Tilak

Author Designer   Title
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Tilak Samarawickrema: A bridge between the East and West
Udeshi Amarasinghe
Architect, artist and designer
Franco Mirenzi
"Tilak elaborates everything in his mind"
Dhanya Udukumbura
Arts and crafts of Sri Lanka
Chandramani Thenuwara
Tilak Samarawickrema
50 Year Retrospective: drawings, sculptures and animations
Yomal Senarath-Yapa
Tilak Samarawickrema
Twin houses in Colombo 5
Keshini de Silva
Tilak Samarawickrema
Modern and bold: furniture and crafts
Tilak Samarawickrema
Mihila Green Factory
Yomal Senerath-Yapa
Tilak Samarawickrema
How art sprang to life
 Tilak Samarawickrema 44
Samarawickrema's Thalagune
Tilak Samarawickrema
Dumbara mat weaving village of Henawela